Jul 082011
Copyright in Fonts?

The font foundry P22 is suing Universal Studios for using its Cezanne font on a bunch of Harry Potter-branded T-shirts and other merchandise. The complaint lists three causes of action: copyright infringement, contributory copyright infringement and breach of contract. The complaint asks for three main things. First, there’s a request for an injunction preventing Universal from using the Cezanne font and from making or selling any new products that contain the font. Second, destruction of all [...]

Jul 062011

The latest IEEE Software has an article on Client-Shared Source, where a software publisher will grant its customers access to its source code, with the idea that the customers would contribute to the code itself. The idea of sharing source code with selected customers is not particularly new–it’s actually fairly common with Operating Systems (see, for example, Microsoft’s program).  But, Client-Shared Source goes beyond simply allowing customers to see the code — it also allows [...]