Jun 112012
A Quiz on Social Media Policies

You probably know that President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board has been somewhat more activist than its predecessors, taking action (since withdrawn) against Boeing for trying to open a plant in union-unfriendly South Carolina and issuing regulations (since enjoined) requiring employers to post notices informing their employees about their rights to organize. As I’ve blogged about before, NLRB’s Acting General Counsel (acting, because the President can’t get the Senate to confirm him) has been busy [...]

Mar 302012
Preserving your IP

Here’s a question somebody recently posted to answers.onstartups.com, which should strike fear into the heart of every startup founder: [. . . ] Since I am the lead developer, and since I have never signed anything relinquishing my ownership of the code, if I just left the company would probably fail. Since I don’t wish this upon them, I would like to find afair way to leave.What is the best approach for me to leave without [...]

Mar 012011

Employers routinely use non-compete agreements to keep employees from taking customers with them when they leave for a new job.   But, have you ever thought about employees who compete with you while they still work for you? That was the situation in a 2001 North Carolina Supreme Court case, Dalton v. Camp. In that case, a publisher’s employee, who was responsible for producing a newsletter for on of the publisher’s clients, created a new, competing, [...]