Feb 132012
Getting into Delaware Courts

Congratulations, you’ve formed a Delaware corporation. As I’ve documented elsewhere, you’re probably paying more for a Delaware corporation than you would have if you incorporated in your home state. So, what are doing to make sure you get full benefit of that choice? Recall that many corporations incorporate in Delaware partially because of the Delaware Court of Chancery, which handles matters related to its corporate law. The Court’s judges (called “Chancellors” in Delaware) are well [...]

Jan 072011

I regularly talk with entrepreneurs as they decide to start new companies.  A common question is whether to form a separate entity and, if so, what type.  Lots of attorneys have written on this — my friend (and former co-worker) Glen Caplan wrote a great overview of the main considerations, which you should read.   One of the things that Glen talks about is liability protection — the idea that since the company is legally [...]